Thank you for your interest in our project. We are a team of researchers and engineers from Harvard University and affiliated institutions. We are passionate about building a better future for all.

  • Xihong Lin


  • Hufeng Zhou

    Project Lead

  • Shamil Sunyaev


  • Vineet Verma

    Software Engineer Lead

FAVORannotator and FAVOR-GPT Developers

We are grateful to the following individuals for their contributions to FAVORannotator (An open-source tool to annotate variants in VCF files)

  • Hufeng Zhou


  • Zilin Li


  • Xihao Li


  • Tom Li

    FAVOR-GPT Developer

  • Xihong Lin


Other contributors

NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program Functional Annotation Working Group

  • Theodore Arapoglou

  • Eric Van Buren

  • Xiuwen Zheng

  • Jill Moore

  • Abhijith Asok

  • Sushant Kumar

  • Elizabeth E. Blue

  • Steven Buyske

  • Nancy Cox

  • Adam Felsenfeld

  • Mark Gerstein

  • Eimear Kenny

  • Bingshan Li

  • Tara Matise

  • Anthony Philippakis

  • Heidi Rehm

  • Heidi J. Sofia

  • Grace Snyder

  • Zhiping Weng

  • Benjamin Neale

  • Genevieve Wojcik

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